Some Helpful Information about the event you may want to know

The Course: The obstacle course is 270m long and has over 30 different obstacles. Climbing walls, balancing balls, hanging rails, you name it, they are all there. It is hard to describe the scale of this incredible course but the easiest way is to imagine this filling the inside of an athletics track!

Price: $35 per person - unlimited rounds

Bring on the Day: Socks; plenty of water and sun cream.

Tickets: Each ticket allows for unlimited rounds of the obstacle course. Tickets are sold in 15 minute blocks to reduce wait times. On the day, make your way to the welcome tent to check in.

Lap Time: It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete a lap and you are welcome to just keep on going, just join the start queue.

Ages: Suitable for 5 years and up. Parents are welcome to purchase a ticket and join in on the fun. Children under 5 are required to have an adult to accompany them through the course. No one under 3 years old will be allowed on the course. We will have jumping castles for the younger ones.

Food: Food trucks will be serving serving yummy 100% Angus Beef Burgers, Vege Burgers, Fish and chips and hot dogs. We will also have delicious ice cream and your favourite coffee on offer.

Seating: We will set up picnic tables with umbrella’s so mom and dad are comfortable and cool in the January heat.