We are Super excited to be launching this amazing product in your backyard. With events in Centennial Park, Castle Hill & Homebush we are bound to be near you. Come join in the fun. We have tried to answer all of your questions here but if you would like to chat about anything else we haven't covered here, give us a ring on 0467 801 941.



The Tuff Nutterz course is suitable for the whole family. Anyone that is able bodied and 5 years or older may go on unaccompanied. Younger children will not have the reach required for certain obstacles. Accordingly, Any child or group of children under 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult (accompanying adults for under 5’s will not be charged for a ticket). This will ensure the young ones are supported all the way through the course and feel confident to let rip at the obstacles.

Separate trampolines will be set up for the younger children.

Tickets can only be purchased online here.


Tuff Nutterz obstacle course allowing each ticket holder unlimited rounds of the course.

1 Ticket ($35pp); 4 Tickets ($30pp); 10 Tickets (27.5pp); 20 Tickets ($25pp)

DJ Experience Ticket: $10

Get behind the DJ Decks and find out what it is like to be a DJ!

Press buttons, Switch tracks and Scratch like a pro in the ultimate mini experience.

Every DJ Experience receives a FREE gift card to use in 2019.

Terms & Conditions Apply. Ages 7 and up, limit of 5 minute DJ experience per person, DJ experience only available between 9am-1pm

On the Day

Bring With You

Socks; plenty of water and sun cream

Check in

We only need the name of the person that made the purchase and number of tickets they bought, nothing else. We suggest you arrive about 5 minutes before for your session starts. Make your way to our welcome tent to check in and get your wristbands. You can keep your wristband as a memento.

The Course

The Tuff Nutterz course is 270 metres long and has over 30 individual obstacles all joined to form one continuous course. There are a whole variety of obstacles to enjoy along the way. Enjoy them all, have fun and most importantly look out for fellow Nutterz!

First Lap

We have created blocks of 15 minutes for each group of 30 Nutterz. This allows for flexibility of start time. Please arrive with a decent amount of time to check in and get yourself ready. We suggest you arrive about 5 minutes before the start of your session.

Food and Beverages

We have secured the services of Burger Feast food truck who offer Burgers and chips, Vege burger and chips, fish and chips….

Sydney Ice Cream and Coffee will also be on hand to serve the most delicious ice creams and your favourite coffee